Celebrating Achievements


Blake has been presented with a Sir Peter Blake Trust Young Leaders' Award for all the good things he does around Colwill School - all with a deep sense of responsibilty and maturity, empathy as well as good humour. Congratulations Blake!


Thanks for a fantastic visit with your Colwill School leaders today. You
have a wonderful school, and it's obvious you've given these kids a great
start, from which they'll only continue to grow. I was really impressed with their manners, their patience, and their inquiring minds. They were a delight.
Please find attached some photos from my Dream Team visit.
Best wishes
Suzanne McFadden 

Journalist and part of the Sir Peter Blake Dream Team



WW1 100


Congratulations to our students who participated in the New Zealand trial of Eduschemes Computing late last year- with the commitment of our Board of Trustees our class were able to learn computing through these innovative lessons themed Secret Agent. This was a great class for both the students and teachers in being challenged to present your information digitally through to visual programming and modelling with spreadsheets. The class was so successful we are running this for all our Year 7 and 8 classes this year. 

Special well done to our teacher Mrs Adams and her students of 2014.

Please visit www.eduschemes.com to find out more.


We have an amazing group of people at Colwill School, including kids and teachers.  We like to celebrate achievements and make a big deal about all the wonderful things that happen here.  Check out these pages and read about our successes both in and out of the classroom.


A west Auckland school has introduced a new children's touchscreen tablet into its classrooms with remarkable results.

Colwill School used the LeapPad Ultra over four weeks and saw new entrant students improve 100 percent in reading and maths.

When Dux started school, he could only speak his native Samoan. After four weeks using the LeapPad tablet, he's learned to write his name in English.

"He's now speaking English and it's coming to him naturally," says his teacher, Tracy Money-Clarke. "And he's doing really, really well."

The LeapPad Ultra tablet has been introduced at Colwill School, a decile-three primary in west Auckland. 

Mr Taylor says most of the children don't have access to high-tech devices, but that didn't stop them.


"They see adults using this type of technology whether they've got access directly to it or not," says Mr Taylor. "They see it on TV, they see it in shops and malls, wherever they might be, and they just engage with it straight away, without fear."

The tablet was used in selected classes over a four-week period. At the end, the year-one students had improved 100 percent in literacy and maths and pupils in year two to three made significant gains in reading, compared to those students who hadn't used the device.

"I do handwriting every day, especially with this age, and when we've used the app Mr Pencil, the kids have worked out that they can't write a letter wrong because the style pen won't accept it, so it's a great teaching tool," says teacher Liz Whitehouse.

It's a tool vital for children growing up in the online, digital world.

"They're going to need these devices when they grow older," says Ms Money-Clarke. "They're going to need it when they go off to high school, so it's so important for them to start this early to learn how to use the technology."

For the kids of the Net Generation, it's about putting e-learning into their ABCs.

3 News

Read more: http://www.3news.co.nz/Tablets-boost-school-kids-comprehension-rates/tabid/423/articleID/319022/Default.aspx#ixzz2izPH8d3c


Dux Onelei, 5, with a LeapPad, a digital learning tool that is being used at Colwill Primary in Massey to teach children to write. Photo / Greg Bowker




Our own lovely Klyzeah sang Hero and impressed both the audience (full house) and judges with her performance on 24 Oct at the Massey High School Performing Arts Centre.  She looked absolutely beautiful and her performance was stunning.

13 local schools had entries - dance, solo and group vocalists and instrumentalists. Mr Taylor did a superb job of both organising it and being the compare. 

The winners were:The winners were: 3rd= a hip hop dance by a boy from Huapai District School; and a moving medley of songs and Pasifika dance by a group called ‘Love the Pacific’ from Lincoln heights School; 2nd – a very young violinist, Roman Rozhdetvensky, from Hobsonville playing a piece from a Liszt violin concert; and 1st place KLYZEAH CASTANARES who sang Hero, a Mariah Carey song.


Colwill School Netball Prizegiving 2013


The netball season is now over and we held our prizegiving on Wednesday, 18 September.  A big thank you to all our wonderful coaches. We appreciate the time and effort you put into training our netball teams.

We also thank all the parents, families and teachers who came along each week, rain or shine, to support our players.

All our netball players received certificates and medals.

Special certificates and trophies were awarded to the following players:

Team 1

Most Consistent Player   Luket Sripeng

Most Improved Player    Lavenda Stone

Sportsperson                 Jodi Powell

Team 2

Most Consistent Player   Jade Langendoen

Most Improved Player    Kyra Tom

Sportsperson                 Va Tagi and Caitlin Richardson

Team 3

Most Consistent Player   Saphire Stone

Most Improved Player    Sinoviti Nanovo

Sportsperson                 Jaedah Taumatauka

Overall Team Trophy was awarded to TEAM 2

The Cup for fostering the 'Spirit of Netball' was awarded to Luket Sripeng

Maree, Dhuet and Jaedah thanked their coaches and presented them with a voucher and chocolates.

Miss Pilbrow presented ex-pupil and netballer Mary Toe with a voucher for all her help during the netball season.

And a big thank you to Linda Foster

Teams' Manager

Arataki Visitors' Centre - Tunnel Art

Read here about all the wonderful things that happened for Colwill School students in 2012.



We have a very successful Reading Together programme which is a school/home partnership on how to help your child and family find reading an enjoyable, regular and useful occasion.

Have a look at  a Reading Together session here.