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Foreign Fee Structure 2022

Foreign Fee Structure January 2022
All fees incur 15% GST - This will be added to the final figure
Agent fee is 10% + GST per student
Subject to review and change

First Year at Colwill

Description1 Term2 Term3 Term4 Term
Application Fee$60.00$60.00$60.00$60.00
International Student Fees (Incl. Agents Fee)$3,459.50$6,765.00$9,157.50$11,550.00
Administration fees$300.00$540.00$720.00$900.00
MOE Levy$225.00$450.00$675.00$900.00
Sub Total$4,044.50$7,815.00$10,612.50$13,410.00
Year 7/8 Student’s Techicraft Fee$27.50$27.50$55.00$55.00

Subsequent Years at Colwill

Fees are to be paid at least four weeks in advance

Description4 Term
International Student Fees$8,000.00
MOE Levy  |  $10.80 per week$900.00
Sub Total$8,900.00
Year 7/8 students Technicraft Fee

Short Term Visitors

DescriptionYear 1/6Year 7/8
Short Term Visitors (2 or more arriving together) for one term (10 week) maximum stay$300.00$300.00

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