Ordering your uniform

Orders can be placed at the office, with payment and they will be delivered within 10 days.  Office staff can help with sizing as samples are held on in the office.  We stock sunhats, the can be purchased over the counter.  To download a copy of the uniform order form please click the button below.

Colwill School Uniform

Girls Uniform  |  Year 1-8

  • Navy shorts, skirt, culottes or bootleg pants

  • navy polo shirt  with logo

  • Colwill  polar fleece jacket

  • Colwill sun safe hat, navy

  • Enclosed comfortable safe shoes, suitable for sport  |  no labels required

  • Black sport or ankle socks

Boys Uniform  |  Year 1-8

  • Navy shorts or cargo pants

  • Navy polo shirt with logo

  • Colwill polar fleece jacket

  • Colwill sun safe hat, navy

  • Enclosed safe comfortable shoes, suitable for sports  |  no labels required

  • Blue/Black lavalava

  • Black ankle or sports socks

Girls and Boys Sports Uniform  |  Year 5-8

  • Navy sports t-shirt

  • Navy sports shorts

  • Colwill sun safe hat, navy

  • Colwill polar fleece jacket

Sun safe hat is compulsory during term 1 and term 4