Our Colwill School Massey Community helps our local people to learn to live, to be caring, be kind and to be careful

Colwill School Massey is a state, co-educational, full primary school catering for school Years 1 to 8 (New Entrant through to the end of Intermediate). is an inclusive school and welcomes children of all abilities and cultures. Colwill School Massey is a truly multi-cultural environment with about 30 different ethnic groups, all respected and treasured.
Students experience a broad curriculum within an inclusive culture. They are given many opportunities to express and enjoy their own culture and to learn about the cultures of others. We regularly host international students. Colwill School is building strong community partnerships with all Maori and Pasifika groups and has a thriving performing arts cultural group
It aims to be the school of choice for the local community who want a seamless education for students from Years 1-8 and to have Y8 students ‘high school ready’.

Students with super-powers, including those with different needs, are encouraged and appreciated at Colwill and all their powers will be developed to their fullest capabilities. We have a satellite unit of Arohanui School.

The school feels warm and welcoming, the students are polite and friendly and care about their friends, the staff and their school environment. The gardens are attractively planted and restful; there is a Community Hall, a heated swimming pool used for nearly half the year and large playing fields.
The Community Hub is the first point of contact for our Parents as enrolments take place in the hub with Nicky, our Hub Co-ordinator.
Many courses and services for adults are arranged through the Hub e.g. budgeting advice, computer skills and internet cafe, CV writing, health checks, a trading table, free legal advice, Plunket and being a place to pop in for a chat.
We have a dedicated staff of teachers and senior management, language assistants and teacher aides, SENCO and SWIS who are focussed on the needs of all our students. There is an after-school study centre.

All students are supported to learn lots and give everything a go!